Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Sessions

IET Sessions with Dianna Amorde

IET Sessions

Available Every Wednesday at Infinity Wellness Center
(& Remotely* for Out-of-Town Clients

Sessions Available:

IET is a subtle and gentle healing modality that is particularly effective in releasing stuck emotions, old beliefs, and old behavior patterns that no longer serve you. Think of it as helping to get the energy within your body and energy field flowing easily to maximize your creativity, vitality, intuition, and natural healing ability. Originally developed by Stevan Thayer of Woodstock, New York in 1989, IET practitioners can now be found throughout the world.

Accessing angelic healing energy, Dianna gently acts as a conduit for clearing or dissolving energy imprints or blocks from the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers of your body and energy field. Upon clearing the stuck energy, new, empowering energy is channeled in to replace it.

Because your Soul or Higher Self is actually directing the healing, each session only releases and heals what you’re ready to let go of. Each session involves Dianna lightly touching key energy integration points on the body and using her hand to ‘pull’ stagnant energy from your body via those integration points. For your comfort, you’re able to lie, fully clothed, on your back on the table; however, sessions can also be done with you seated in a chair, if you prefer.

IET is for you if you feel called to boost your own healing ability to address an emotional trauma, a stressed mind, a physical challenge, or a spiritual block. It does not replace the vital work of your physician, therapist, or spiritual leader. It simply empowers you to take full advantage of whatever healing and life opportunities come your way.

To book a session with Dianna or ask any questions, please contact her directly at or 512-428-6174.

Please note: All coaching sessions will continue to be offered out of Dianna’s home, your home/office, or via phone. Some IET will be incorporated, as needed or desired in those sessions. Sessions scheduled at Infinity Wellness Center are for IET-focused work.

*Remote sessions (energy therapy work does not require the client's presence!) will include the scheduled session and a follow up phone consulatation (to review my impressions/insights from the session) for up to 30 minutes.

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